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Part Number:Fire Falcon
  • FIREFIGHTER Designed and Owned
  • MADE In U.S.A

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The Fire Falcon is a multi-purpose demolition tool designed to serve Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement Tactical Units, Military and Private Industry.  It was developed by applying 37 years of real world experience as a Career and Volunteer Firefighter in Urban, Suburban and Rural Fire Departments.  The result is a revolutionary new tool providing the user with unprecedented multi-functional capabilities with greater efficiency and less stress.

Features of the Fire Falcon

  • Custom sizing to fit the end user, any lengths
  • Revolutionary, user-controlled, self cleaning, expandable tool head design
    • Small entry
    • Larger exit by expandable head
    • Pulls more material
  • Portable anchor attachments on each end to assist with large area search or bailout
    • (Pending NFPA 1983 Certification as a bailout attachment)
  • Prying end for debris removal or entry
  • Striking end for gaining access
  • Ergonomically designed handle for gripping
  • Carrying strap connection points
  • Non-conductive pulltruded fiberglass handle for safety and strength
  • Field-replaceable parts

    The Fire Falcon is manufactured using Steel Alloy 4140, Heat Treated to RC 38/42 and coated with Black Oxide. The hollow handle is 1 3/8” OD pulltruded fiberglass with a 3/16th wall thickness; there’s a ½” solid fiberglass rod in the hollow handle for activation of the Talons. Internal components are manufactured using T-351 or T- 4 Aluminum Alloy and Grade 360 Brass. All other components, i.e. screws, spring pins, and springs are Stainless Steel.

    All components are manufactured to Trice Enterprises L.L.C. specifications with the exception of the pulltruded fiberglass handle and fiberglass rod, there manufactured by the Nupla Corporation in Sun Valley California.

    Personal Guarantee Statement

    If after purchasing a Fire Falcon, you personally experience a life-threatening incident where the Fire Falcon is utilized to assist you in getting to an area of safety, and in the course of reaching the safe area the Fire Falcon is either lost or destroyed, it will be replaced at no cost to the user.  If the user is not the owner of the Fire Falcon, but utilizes it as mentioned above, they will receive their own personal Fire Falcon and the owner of the original will receive a replacement at no cost to either.

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