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FIRE WIPES 2 Wipe Sample Pack

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Firewipes, 2 Individually Wrapped Wipes, Sample Pack    FREE SHIPPING

Firewipes® are used primarily to aid in the cleaning and removal of soot, smoke and other potential carcinogens of complete and incomplete combustion. They are innovative in design as each wipe is optimized for safety and ease of use.

The Firewipe is an 8" x 12" textured industrial strength disposable wipe infused with cleansing compounds for use on all external dermal areas. The wipe is saturated with a unique formula specifically designed to minimize additional carcinogenic exposure through dermal absorption for the user.

Firewipes use only premium ingredients that are hypoallergenic, latex-free, paraben-free, MI (Methylisothizolinone)-free, SLS free and contains no alcohol. Each wipe is individually packaged to prolong shelf life, eliminate cross contamination, maintain consistency, limit waste, reduce costs, and provide a quick on-scene decontamination solution for firefighters after exposure to hazardous environments.

Main points overview:

  • First and foremost, created by a Firefighter to meet the needs of all Firefighters and First Responders for on-scene decon.
  • No harmful chemicals – safe for all areas
  • Individually packaged- eliminates cross contamination and prevents drying out, this reduces waste which ultimately reduces costs for the long run.
  • No latex
  • No Alcohol of any kind- No Benzyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol or SBA40B/Denatured Ethanol 200
  • No Harsh Chemicals or Lung/Eye Irritants- No Sodium Hydroxide
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • No fragrance added
  • No oily residue
  • Three Year Warranty after date of purchase – when stored properly and out of direct sunlight
  • 8” x 12” size which is large enough to be effective while staying portable
  • Box packaging to easily fit and integrate into existing storage
  • Waterproof packaging – can be submerged in iced coolers/ used for rehab purposes as well
  • Can be used for Field Decon and Personal Hygiene- USAR, TRT, FEMA, Natural Disasters, Wildland
  • Safe to use on animals- Search Dogs and Pets: No Tea Tree Oil

Firewipes Vs Baby Wipes:

  • Size Matters- Firewipes are three times larger than baby wipes
  • Durability and Strength- Firewipes woven (spunlaced) towelettes allow the user to scrub themselves without the wipe breaking down and deteriorating
  • Texture- The textured wipe increases the surface area of the wipe to lift and retain more contaminates from the skin
  • Individual Packaging- Every single Firewipe has a three-year shelf life. Unlike many flip top style wipes, they start with a three-year shelf life but turn into a three-week shelf life once opened.
  • Indented Use- Firewipes were designed especially for on scene decon. They lift up the carbon based contaminates off the skin, such as taking a shower. Baby wipes are designed to smear until you don’t see anything else.
  • Ingredients- Firewipes have a high-water content with mild surfactants to clean the skin. Baby wipes have harsh ingredients, including alcohol, that can dry out and irritate the skin. Some also have chemicals that are lung and eye irritants that cause issues with using the SCBA mask

Firewipes Vs Competitors:

  • No Harmful chemicals
  • Designed by a Firefighter for Firefighters
  • Industrial Strength, Firefighter Grade
  • Won’t break apart or tear in use
  • No Added Fragrance– not overbearing like other wipes on the market – this is important since it is used on the face and Firefighters need to put their masks back on
  • Does not leave an oily or sticky residue – which is import since an oily/sticky residue can prevent a positive SCBA Mask seal
  • Individual packaged with Triple film protection – air tight and won’t absorb water when submerged in coolers when used during rehab
  • 12 pack boxes allow for ease of storage
  • 2 – 3 times larger than baby wipes
  • 3yr Product longevity as compared to “flip top” types of packaging
  • Individual packages also lend to Wildland, TRT, and Special Ops crews.
  • Firewipes are thicker than most wipes, which in turn cleans better, provides a more comfortable experience, and increases durability

How to use Firewipes effectively:

  • Open wipe to full size – recognize there is a smooth and textured side to the wipe
  • Wipe down immediately after exposure – removing contaminates early reduces absorption of the harmful chemicals – which reduces the risk
  • Start at the neck, jaw, throat and face – these areas are more prone to exposure and have some of the highest absorption rates of the skin
  • Make sure to clean the tiny crevices of the skin – Being aware particulates can accumulate around the eyes, nose and ears
  • Continue to the other areas of the skin that are also prone to exposure, including the hands, wrists, lower extremities and groin.
  • When both sides of the wipe become soiled during the process, use additional wipes as needed. 


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