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Part Number:Force Plate Kit
  • FIREFIGHTER Designed and Owned
  • MADE In U.S.A

Force Plates are steel plates that are designed to be attached to an acquired structure for forcible entry training. The plates are made to be attached to a door and a frame and allows wood slats to be passed through two welded loops between the two plates to break. If you actually forced the locking mechanisms of the door, you would only be able to force it one time. With Force Plates you get multiple forces on the door because your breaking the wood and not the locks.  The plate system allows the user to still implement the basic tactics of forcible entry using the fork, adze, or baseball bat swing methods.

The plates are easy to assemble on your acquired structure, and easy to remove after the training is complete. The plates and hardware can then be stored away.

Forcible entry is a skill that is branded by good training. Good training can only happen with good training props. Force Plates were designed to do just that. This patent pending training aide was designed by firefighter Robert James who determined there was a need for a forcible entry training prop on the grounds of acquired structures. Usually the doors of acquired structures can only be forced one time, limiting the amount of forcible entry training that others can get during the same training. Force Plates are made to be attached to a door of an acquired structure, with little to no work assembling. This plate system helps to enhance forcible entry techniques and tactics by allowing you to force pieces of wood rather than the locking mechanisms on the door of the acquired structure, which you can only force once.

The plates can serve multi functional for either inward or outward swinging doors. Best if mounted to solid wood or metal doors and frames to get the maximum training effect. This product has been tested by nationally certified forcible entry instructors to ensure it gives the students the most realistic effect. With a total of 4 plates and 4 threaded bolts with securing washers and nuts, mounting them comes very easy. The greatest thing about Force Plates, is when your forcible entry training is over, they can be removed from the door of the acquired structure and stored for the next training opportunity, where they can be re-mounted and used again.

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