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G2 Pike Pole

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FireFighter Designed and Owned tool to rapidly open up Shiplap ,Tongue & Groove Paneling , Bead Board , and Tin/Metal  Ceilings.

The G2 Pike Pole is an innovative firefighter tool that has been designed to allow more expedient access through ceilings that are clad with wood.
Through the use of the patent-pending “Hammer Action” the G2 allows the firefighter to multiply the force generated by hammering the bladehead through the ceiling. Once the head has been driven through the ceiling, turn the handle a simple 1/4 turn and the teeth of the G2 are set. Reversing the direction of the hammer action, pulling down on the shaft, rips the ceiling boards away from the joists.

Created simply out of the need for a more efficient way for myself and my crew to pull ceiling we quickly found other uses as well. Although primarily used for internal operations, the G2 has its place with the outside vent man. A truly versatile tool, it allows a single firefighter to create additional points of egress for interior crews by removing burglar bars and plywood from boarded windows and doors. The G2 will revolutionize the way ceilings and walls in these older structures is
pulled during fire attack as well as overhaul.

  • Hammer action applies force to remove shiplap wall/ceiling by creating mechanical advantage
  • Tool can be reversed for drywall eliminating need for a second tool
  • Modified "T" handle
  • Broadhead designed with bottom side teeth for gripping board

    • 13 lbs
    • 304 Stainless Steel construction
    • Lathe turned to a point
    • 6 inch wide and .25 in thick broadhead
    • Ergonomically designed T handle constructed from .5 inch thick powder-coated steel.
    • 57.88" in length. Extends to 69.13"

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