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Increase safety and peace of mind while operating around undeployed airbags.

Even with the battery disconnected, capacitors can hold enough charge to fire an airbag up to 20 minutes after battery disconnect. With the potential for electronic devices such as cell phones and GPS units to back-feed electricity into the vehicles system, this can make cutting a column with an undeployed airbag a very dangerous scenario.
Enter the MANN SAVER! This device WORKS!

MannSaver LLC has created an Airbag Restraint System (ARS) developed to protect Emergency Service Personnel and victims in the event of a delayed airbag deployment which can cause serious injuries or death.
In the event of an automobile accident, the driver’s side airbag does not always deploy, leaving the first responders & victims at risk of serious injury or even death.
This is a concern for first responders as they are now making devices themselves with mesh, chain and even blankets secured with bungee straps.
Raymond Mann saw a need for additional protection of first responders as well as victims so he developed the MannSaver Airbag Restraint System.
The ARS is designed to fit over the steering wheel after an accident, restraining the airbag & directing it away from first responders & victims should it deploy during extrication or search of the vehicle.
MannSaver LLC was founded on the principal of providing quick-user friendly, high quality, American Made personal protection equipment to safeguard against needless injuries or deaths.          

Our airbag restraint system is made from denier 1000 and denier 600 giving it the strength of the airbag itself.
It has 8 points of attachment on the inside made of seatbelt material.  The rope incorporated in our deivice is high quality from Buckingham & has a red core to indicate wear and the need for replacement.  Our hardware  is also high quality from Petzl. The center piece is sound dampening foam incorporated for protection from the deafening pop of the airbag going off. It is also sewn with the interlocking safety stitch for added protection

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